Unnecessary noise can make a living or working space much less enjoyable. If you’re looking to reduce noise in the office to boost productivity, wanting to reduce your stress levels from the sound of a nearby highway, wanting some peace in a home office, or just about any other reason, we can help soundproof your living area or workspace. We offer a range of products for soundproofing.




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Soundproofing Your Home or Business

Whether in a work environment or at home, unwanted noise can be a problem and interfere with productivity, sleep, or just a desire for quiet. WallBAR is highly effective at reducing unwanted outdoor noise, such as from traffic, and indoor noise from other rooms. Whether you’re looking for noise reduction at home or in a business, WallBAR will help provide you with a soundproof room. For exact ratings contact our staff and they’ll gladly provide them.



      We also offer alternative products such as:

  •  Roxul SAFE’n”SOUND
  •  Johns Mansville’s Sound Shield acoustic fiberglass batt.