Vapour Barriers


Vapour Barrier

What are Vapour Barriers?

A vapour barrier is an impermeable membrane that blocks the flow of air through the building envelope, and is also an essential part of the building envelope. Because the purpose of a vapor barrier is not obvious, this important component is often omitted or installed incorrectly. The main purpose of vapour barriers is to stop the unwanted entrance or exit of water vapour. The effectiveness of vapour barriers and insulations are intertwined completely; if one isn’t there or installed incorrectly, you can bet that the other will not perform well and you will end up with damage to your building.

The Importance of Vapour Barriers

Vapour barriers are an absolutely essential insulation material for your home. There are many factors to take into account when installing vapour barriers to make them perform to their maximum potential and, thus, your insulation as well. We are vapour barrier specialists with extensive experience in installing them. Call us today and we will answer any questions and advise you on how to get the job done right.